Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

heloísa, brasil, the worst.
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Workout Inspiration: Chandler Bing


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My goal is to get another 30 years out of this business. So I need to figure out the fuel to do that. And so far, I think it’s respect and quality and company, not celebrity or box office or stardom. It’s not a sprinter’s approach. It’s more like a long-distance thing. You can stick around a lot longer if you kind of slow-play it.

friends meme: 2/7 episodes · the one where everybody finds out

God, they thought they could mess with us? They’re trying to mess with us? They don’t know that we know they know we know!"


i thought i would stop after the first one but uh

I’m sacrificing part of my anonymity which I enjoy to have more options as far as what I can get off the ground. It’s a give and take sort of thing.

Scabbers! You’re alive.
Ye’ll want to keep a closer eye on your pets Ron.